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Create and share your own marqers

Creating your own interactive components or Marqers was never this easy. A little javascript goes a long way. We've created easily accessible event listeners that allow for all kinds of interactive content.
If your goal is to create a menu, an AR-style overlay or just some links, we got you covered. Use the excellent ACE-editor (with syntax highlighting and code-linting) to create and deploy your marqers in minutes.

Share your marqers with your co-workers or with the community. Look at a wide range of examples or experiment yourself.

Out of the box we support jQuery because we deem it the most supported and well-known library. Especially for junior devs.
But if you want to work with a more robust framework like React or Angular we got you covered too.

We offer a wide range of extensions like Tween.js and Three.js, Allowing 3D, VR and AR style interaction. We have also a wide range of utilities and helpers available that get you up and running in no time.

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